Pitbull Talks Giving Back to His Community & Inspiring Others with ET

After cementing his hand and footprints during his ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Friday, Pitbull talked with ET about inspiring future generations, and giving back to his community through education.

“For all the Latinos that are out there trying to achieve a dream, keep fighting. Keep moving forward and upward,” the 37-year-old told ET in the Spanish interview. “Don’t look back, small steps and always look ahead and hopefully I can be an example that motivates and inspires them. I tell everyone, ‘Why dream it, when you can live it?'”

“We are a very strong culture and one way or another, we always create solutions,” he added.

As for New Year’s Resolutions, Armando says his is all about education and inspiring the youth. “For 2019, the goal that we put out there was generation of wealth. It’s going to be volcanic.” He added, “But right now, the real revolution is education. We get a chance to build schools all over the United States of America, and now we are up to 10 schools with SLAM. Within the next three to 50 years, maybe [we’ll have] 20 to 25 schools. And that, to me, is what I am passionate about.”

Read the full article by clicking here.


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