Happy Birthday, Pitbull! Armando Christian Perez Turns 39 Today!

Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, turns 39 today! The revolutionary artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor, motivational speaker, and icon has made an impressive career spanning two decades. Mr. Worldwide has released hit-after-hit, all while bringing people together through his music, charity work, and positivity!

Fans from all around the globe have come together once again to share their birthday messages through photos in our annual Pitbull Birthday Fan Project! Take a look at the collage below! (Big thanks to everyone who participated.)

Furthermore, friends and fans alike have been sending their love and positive messages to the birthday boy through social media. Make sure to join us in celebrating by posting or tweeting your birthday wishes using the hashtags, #HBDPitbull and #HappyBirthdayPitbull!

Once again, happy 39th birthday, Pitbull! Thank you for constantly inspiring and motivating us daily to always work hard and believe in ourselves. We’re looking forward to experiencing all that you’ll do in 2020 and how you’ll continue sharing your positivity with the world. We hope today is the first of many amazing days at 39!


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