NEW MUSIC: “Don’t Mind (Mr. Worldwide Remix)” by Kent Jones ft. Pitbull

Kent Jones Don't Mind

New Remix Alert: Pitbull just released a fun new remix to Kent Jones’ international hit “Don’t Mind”.

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The Songs on Pitbull’s Playlist may Surprise You.

Mr. Worldwide is everywhere these days! Whether he’s promoting his #1 album, Dale, performing at his Vegas residency, Time of our Lives, or guest appearing on shows like, Empire, he’s constantly on the run! Recently, USA Today got a chance to catch up with Armando to find out what’s on his playlist!

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

It’s a song that no matter when it’s played, everyone gets up and starts to party. It’s always on my playlist.

All Night Long by Lionel Richee

This song reminds of being a little kid in the ’80s and making me feel happy, no matter what was going on.

Hero by Mariah Carey

This song helped me get through a lot of struggles. To this day, it still motivates me to find that there’s a hero inside me everyday.

To be Real by Cheryl Lynn

This song’s message is everything—especially in a society that’s so connected. Listening to this song is a good way to disconnect and be real.

The way you Make me Feel by Michael Jackson

It’s a jamming song. It’s the first video where I saw Michael Jackson shouting out to a girl.

Everybody Wants to rule the World by Tears for Fears

The melody is classic 80’s. And everyone wants to rule the world.

Vivir mi Vida by Marc Anthony 

This song is what it’s all about. It’s living life and not letting life live you.

Lookout Weekend by Debbie Deb

Reminds me of being in roller-skate rinks ducking and dodging skaters to get to the dance floor in the middle of the rink to dance with the girls. Fun fact: I still don’t know how to roller skate.

Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G

I relate to everything in this song. That’s my motto: from negatives to positives.

Here I go Again by Whitesnake

Love this record. I relate to the song because I’m a loner—and how could anyone ignore Tawny Kitaen in the video?

(Source: USA TODAY)

New Music: Gente de Zona ft. Pitbull & Marc Anthony – La Gozadera (Mr. Worldwide Remix)

Pitbull’s new remix to Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony’s hit, La Gozadera, is out now!

In the remix, Pit adds on to the chorus and then raps his own verse. Pit’s parts in the song  is mostly in English but he throws in some Spanish as well.

Considering the success of the original single, this Spanglish remix is sure to be hit!

Take a listen to “La Gozadera (Mr. Worldwide Remix)” below!

“Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin & Mohombi – Official Video

The official music video for “Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin and Mohombi is finally out!

In the music video, which looks like a short film, The Most Bad Ones rob a bank owned by Mohombi. During the robbery, they steal millions of dollars to bring back to their boss, Pitbull. Wisin, who plays a police officer, tries to catch The Most Bad Ones but fails to do so. During the robbery and police chase, Pit is standing at the Port of Miami while looking over the Atlantic Ocean waiting for TMBO to return.

Watch the music video above and check out some behind the scenes photos and videos from the BGIT shoot here!

New Music: “No Doubt About It” by Jussie Smollett ft. Pitbull

Empire just released it’s newest single from their Season 2 Soundtrack on iTunes which is Jussie Smollett’s collaboration with Mr. Worldwide titled, “No Doubt About It”.

You can buy the single on iTunes here or watch it on YouTube if you don’t have an Apple device.

In the episode, titled the same as the song, Pitbull will be playing himself and will perform a duet with Empire’s Jamal, who is played by Jussie Smollett.

The second season of the hit show will premiere September 23rd on FOX at 9/8c, and Pit’s episode will air on Wednesday, October 7th.

Watch two previews of the episode below!

See promo pics of Pitbull on Empire below!

Pitbull’s episode on Empire will be amazing, there’s No Doubt About It!

Pitbull to be Featured in HBO Documentary, “The Latin Explosion: A New America”

Pitbull will appear in The Latin Explosion: A New America, a new HBO Documentary, along with Jennifer Lopez, Romeo Santos, Desi Arnaz, Carlos Santana and more!

The documentary is exploring and celebrating this historical and cultural impact of Latino music and musicians in the U.S. and showing how Latinos have influenced every aspect of American society from culture to politics to the economy. 

The documentary will be focusing on artists and visionaries who exploded onto the U.S. music scene and gone on to become global superstars, such as Pitbull!

The Latin Explosion: A New America will premiere on November 16 on HBO and HBO Latino and simulcast in Latin America and the Carribean. 

“SummerThing!” by Afrojack ft. Pitbull & Mike Taylor on iTunes now!

“SummerThing!” by Afrojack ft. Pitbull and Mike Taylor made its world premiere last night on Saturday Night Online!

“SummerThing!” is now on iTunes! Buy the single here!

Watch the audio video for the song below!

Also, tweet and post using the hashtag #SummerThing to show support for the song!