Join the “Puerto Ricans in Paris” Twitter Party with Pitbull and Luis Guzmán!

Tune into the “Puerto Ricans in Paris” Twitter party this Saturday, June 18 at 9pm ET/8pm CST/6pm PT to watch the movie with live comments from executive producer, Pitbull, and lead-actor, Luis Guzmán.

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Puerto Ricans in Paris, Executive Produced by Pitbull – AVAILABLE NOW

“Puerto Ricans in Paris” is now playing in select theaters across North America and Puerto Rico.

The Pitbull-produced film is a story of friendship, loyalty and a life-changing trip to Paris. Detectives Luis Lopez and Eddie Garcias are childhood best friends, brother-in-laws, and partners in the New York Police Department Luxury Goods Recovery Unit tasked with hunting down Canal Street’s infamous bootleggers. With Luis as the slick, self-styled “brains” of the operation and Eddie as the shy, quiet “muscle,” they’ve been running through the streets of Lower East side in search of fake Louis Vuitton for 20 years — long enough for them to be the best in the business. While their work mostly keeps them below 14th Street, a random visit from a celebrated French designer and her business partner set in motion a sequence of events that take them on a wild goose chase through the streets of Paris — from fashion parties, to hipster nightclubs — in search of a stolen handbag (and delicious French-macarons)/ as the investigation deepens with no sign of the bag, out two best-friends start to grow suspicious of everyone around them — including each other. “Puerto Ricans in Paris” is a fashion whodunnit with laughs, drop-crotch pants, and a lot of heart. (Synopsis via RottenTomatoes)

Take a look at the official trailers for the film below.

Get tickets for the LA Film Festival-nominated comedy by clicking here. Watch it on iTunes, XFinity, Amazon, Google Play, or Vudu, and buy it on DVD or BluRay. Download the movie soundtrack on iTunes here.

Puerto Ricans in Paris, Executive Produced by Pitbull – Out June 10th

Pitbull premiered the official movie poster and release date for the upcoming film, “Puerto Ricans in Paris” on his Twitter earlier today!

The comedy, which is executive produced by Pitbull, will be available in theaters, On Demand, and in Digital HD Friday, June 10th. Check out the official movie poster above!

The movie first premiered last June at the LA Film Fest, where it received great reviews! Read a summary of the movie’s storyline below.

“Puerto Rican brothers–in-law, Eddie and Luis, just happen to be NYC’s two best counterfeit detectives. When the latest, must-have “it bag” from celebrated Parisian fashion designer Colette’s new collection has been stolen, they head to Paris in hopes of cracking the case and collecting a handsome fee. With clashing sleuthing styles and personality traits, the comedic duo infuses a bit of color into the City of Lights. This hilarious new caper features the incomparable Luis Guzman and co-star Edgar Garcia alongside Rosie Perez and Rosario Dawson.”

Also, take a look at the official trailers for the film: