Pitbull Talks About his new Fragrance, his Cuban Heritage and more with Yahoo!

Pitbull recently did an interview with YahooBeauty to talk about his new fragrance, his Cuban heritage, his grooming secrets and more!

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With more than 6 million albums and 70 million singles sold worldwide, there’s no question that at some point or another, a song by Armando Christian Perez has been stuck in your head. Of course, you might know him better by his nickname, Mr. 305, or more commonly, the artist Pitbull.

The 34-year-old Cuban rapper is holding residency in Vegas from September 23rd to mid-October, but even while he’s in Sin City, Pitbull is globally hustling. Pitbull has a brand of premium vodka, Voli, and in early August, he launched two fragrances: Pitbull Miami Man and Pitbull Miami Woman. Next year, the Miami-born entertainer is scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And of course there is his music. “We just put out a Spanish album that was No. 1. The single was No. 1, also. It’s called Taxi,” Pitbull tells Yahoo Beauty. “I’m working on the new album, and we’ll be putting out the new single and setting up the world tour around January/February.”

Yahoo Beauty: What kind of woman did you envision wearing the your new fragrance?

Pitbull: As far as the Miami one, I want you to feel empowered, I want you to feel sophisticated, I want you to feel sexy, but more than anything, I want you to feel like you earned something in life. When I say I’m the epitome of the American Dream – because I came from nothing to something – I want you to put it on, and it inspires you, like, “I can take on anything in life, especially anything today.” As you put it on in the morning, I’m hoping to inspire, “I’m going to get this done.”

What inspired the scent? How did it come about?

For me, growing up being raised by women, I was always around such great fragrances. Any fragrance I smell around the world, I try to figure out a way – like with music – to collaborate or remix. I grabbed my favorite fragrances and I started to mix them and I came up with a smell. I put together all the fragrances that I like. I said, “I want to do something along these lines.” That’s how it came about.

What scent do you prefer on the opposite sex?

I definitely love a soft, sexy smell on the opposite sex; nothing that’s too strong, nothing that’s too alerting. What I like is when you smell something when you meet somebody; you smell it and you go, “Wow. Can I smell that again?” That’s the kind of scent that I like, which is soft and sexy.

What is your grooming routine?

As far as grooming, every day is the same routine: shave, aftershave, lotion. There’s no secret! I don’t have any favorite products.

Are there any Cuban grooming products or secrets that the world doesn’t know about?

That’s a better question for the Cuban women! Off the top of my head, maybe putting mayonnaise and eggs in their hair to make it stronger. A lot of women I know did that, growing up.

What do Cuban men find beautiful?

I’m sure everybody has their own opinion of what they like. You can be the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world, but if you’re not sophisticated, then there’s really no point in sitting down. If we can’t have a conversation, then the rest isn’t going to be fun. I do like a woman that is very secure and sexy/exotic. She doesn’t have to be beautiful and gorgeous – just has to be something exotic, whether it’s your hair that’s wavy and crazy or a certain look that you have; the way you wear your clothes.

When did you visit Cuba last? 

Last time I was there was 2001.

What Cuban artists should people get to know?

There’s a group called Gente de Zona, which means People of the Zone. They’ve got a record right now with Marc Anthony that’s huge and another with Enrique Iglesias. That’s a group to look out for. And El Micha. There’s so much talent down there, whether it’s people who are doing music or people who are painting. It’s just crazy. It’s like the Twilight Zone. You’re going from 2015 back to 1959. The culture down there is just so ready and willing to learn.

What are your favorite things about Cuba and Cuban culture?

It’s a very special culture. It’s a culture that’s been through a lot of history and created a lot of history. It’s a culture that’s always been moving the dial. There was a Vegas [Miami] that was born due to what went on in Havana in the 50s. When the revolution happened, that’s what spawned the idea. Everyone came to the United States one way or another, whether it was a boat, or however it may be. Now Miami is one of the meccas of not only the United States, but around the world. It just goes to show you what our culture is all about. It’s about building and creating a future, for your family.

Pitbull in “We’re all Mexican” Music Video.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan gathered the some of the biggest names in Latin music along with other celebs to create the official music video for We’re All Mexican.

The song and video is intended to symbolize that everyone can become victims of racism at any moment just as Mexicans are experiencing in recent times. We’re All Mexican celebrates the positive contributions of immigrants in the U.S. as a balance to the negativity being expressed publicly.

So as you can tell, We’re All Mexican was made to fight back against Donald Trump’s recent racist remarks about Mexicans.

The video features stars such as, Pitbull, Wisin, Thalia, Carlos Santana, Perez Hilton, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabriel Iglesias and more!

Throughout the video, clips and photos are shown of Desi Arnaz, Jennifer Lopez, Frida Kahlo and even Pope Francis.

The song and video has a We Are The World feel to it and it’s packed with star power!

Pitbull makes a three-second appearance in the video to say “Latinos Pa’lante y Pa’rriba”.

Take a look at the video below!

“No Doubt About It” by Jussie Smollett ft. Pitbull – Video Shoot

As you all probably know, Pitbull will be guest starring on FOX’s hit series Empire next month on October 7th! On the show, Mr. Worldwide teams up with Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon, to sing a collaboration called, No Doubt About It, which is out now!

The music video for No Doubt About It was filmed at Hamptons at Boca Raton, FL on Saturday.

Check out photos from the set below!  See more pics here.

From Pit and Jussie suited up, to the baby tiger sitting poolside, I think it’s safe to say, the music video is going to be amazing… there’s No Doubt About It.

Watch the official lyric video for the single below!

Pitbull Makes History in Vegas

Pitbull recently did an interview with Las Vegas Magazine to talk about his upcoming Planet Hollywood limited-time engagement, Time of our Lives, at The Axis.

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In a week that finds him both enjoying the ongoing success of his album Dale and meeting with his team to lay recording plans for 2016, Pitbull shows no shortage of enthusiasm in discussing his upcoming “Time of Our Lives” multidate engagement at Planet Hollywood Resort. The Miami-born rapper performs seven dates between Sept. 23 and Oct. 7 at resort venue The Axis, adding him to the realm of Strip resident headliners and making him the first rapper in history to earn a Las Vegas extended engagement. It’s also happening during the final year of his seven-year plan for success, designated for “making history.”

“That’s definitely a part of making history right there, to even have this opportunity to perform in Vegas, because it’s something that I feel was … the idea was spawned and blossomed in Cuba, in Havana,” says the 34-year-old son of Cuban expatriates who named him Armando Christian Perez. Prerevolutionary Cuba’s tourism influenced the development of Las Vegas, and after Castro came to power many Cuban entertainers left the island nation for the Strip. “Vegas is something that is deeply rooted in culture for me and, I would say, my family, but to also be a part of what I would see as the (entertainment) elite in Vegas is amazing.”

It may have seemed an audacious goal more than a decade ago when Pitbull’s “Culo” was ubiquitously heard in Vegas nightclubs, but he has arguably made an indelible mark in the music industry and beyond. Dale is his ninth album and, due to its diversity of influences, serves as a metaphor for his hometown’s melting pot. He is in demand for endorsements, has his own brand of vodka, Voli, and an eponymous fragrance, hosted his inaugural New Year’s Eve television special in December and maintains a development deal for online content.
He can envision his name on Strip marquees for extended periods, though. “Obviously, that would be the goal, to have something permanent in Vegas,” says Pitbull. “But just to be able to have two weeks over there and really soak up the city, soak up the people, soak up the energy … for us on our career side it’s great. It’s only going to give us more ideas for records and opportunities, but more than anything it’s amazing to have this opportunity, and I’m still in awe about it.”

During his residency, Pitbull also plans to break ground on the Vegas version of his successful Sports Leadership & Management charter school in Miami. Florida recently made Pitbull its official tourism ambassador in recognition of his often-expressed civic pride, and politicians are rumored to have attempted to curry favor in advance of next year’s presidential primaries.

Pitbull has his eyes on a different prize, though. “Vegas is what it is now, and Cuba’s going to reopen,” he says. “I’m hoping to be the bridge between them, and be the one that performs in Vegas and also gets the chance to have a residency in Cuba once it completely opens up.”

Planet Hollywood Resort, 9 p.m. Sept. 23, 25-26 & 30, Oct. 2-3 & 7, $39-$169 plus tax and fee. 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster

(Source: Las Vegas Magazine)

For more information on Time of our Lives, click here!

5 Career-Defining Moments in the life of Celia Cruz – Episode 3 of Pitbull’s #FunFacts

Pitbull’s latest YouTube series, #FunFacts, focuses a lot on Pitbull’s life. In #FunFacts, Pit shares his dreams, goals, what inspires him and more!

Armando teamed up with Endemol Beyond last year to produce several web series including, Gentlemen’s Code, The Most Bad Ones, Negative 2 Positive, and his newest, #FunFacts!

The newest episode of #FunFacts focuses on one of Mr. Worldwide’s biggest musical inspirations, Celia Cruz. The webisode shares 5 career-defining moments in Celia’s life.

Take a look below!

Pitbull Plans to make his Vegas Residency Permanent.

Mr. 305 is taking over the 702 with his seven-date Sin City residency that launches September 23rd.

Pit’s Time of Our Lives limited-time engagement will take place at Planet Hollywood Resort’s theater, The Axis, from September 23rd through October 7th with tickets ranging from $36 to $169 (without fees).

This morning, September 10th, Pitbull talked with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, On Air with Ryan and revealed that he is planning on making his stay in Vegas permanent. 

“When everything went down in the Revolutionary War in Cuba, basically the mob and everybody went to Vegas. So for me, it’s not only an honor like I said before, but it’s also deeply-rooted. So we’re going to take it from a temporary residency to a permanent residency!” said Armando on his Vegas shows.

For more information on his Sin City takeover, click here.

In the interview he also mentioned his guest appearance on FOX’s hit TV-show, Empire. Pit will be playing himself and he will perform the song, “No Doubt About It” with Jussie Smollett who plays Jamal Lyon, the new head Empire Records.

“I come on,  I do a performance and then me and Lucious have a conversation about some business,” he describes his guest role on Empire. “And me and Cookie have a conversation about what we got going on down here in Miami. It was a lot of fun.”

At the beginning of the interview he also said that he was about to go into a meeting for his World Tour next year!

For more information on his guest appearance on Empire click here and here.

Listen to the full interview Perez did on On Air With Ryan here.

“La Gozadera (Pitbull Remix)” Preview – Exclusive.

Pitbull will be releasing a remix to Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony’s hit, “La Gozadera” and PitbullUpdates has an exclusive preview!

In the ten second preview, we can hear Pit rapping about Miami, as the song is about representing where you’re from. He also mentions his friends in New York and assumably goes on to rap about other cities all over the world.

The remix will be in ‘Spanglish’ and it is sure to be a hit considering the success of the original single!

“Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin & Mohombi – Official Video

The official music video for “Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin and Mohombi is finally out!

In the music video, which looks like a short film, The Most Bad Ones rob a bank owned by Mohombi. During the robbery, they steal millions of dollars to bring back to their boss, Pitbull. Wisin, who plays a police officer, tries to catch The Most Bad Ones but fails to do so. During the robbery and police chase, Pit is standing at the Port of Miami while looking over the Atlantic Ocean waiting for TMBO to return.

Watch the music video above and check out some behind the scenes photos and videos from the BGIT shoot here!

Pitbull to Perform at Endymion Extravaganza.

The Krewe of Endymion has announced that Pitbull, along with Steven Tyler, will perform at the Krewe’s annual celebration on the Saturday before Mardi Gras, February 6th in New Orleans.

The 2016 parade marks the Krewe’s 50th birthday, so it is no wonder why they asked Pit to bring the party!

Although Mr. Worldwide will be performing at the the Golden Nugget, he is not expected to ride in the parade.

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