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“Piensas” Music Video by Pitbull ft. Gente De Zona Premiere, Preview and BTS.

The music video for “Piensas” by Pitbull ft. Gente De Zona will premiere this Thursday, May 28th at 7pm!

NYC fans can join Mr. 305 Inc in Times Square this Thursday at 7pm at the Sony Digital Billboard to watch the world premiere of the music video! While you’re there you can pick up some, “DALE” merchandise like shirts, CDs, and more!

The premiere in Times Square will be followed by the online premiere on Vevo and then on Friday, the TV premiere will be all day on Telemundo!

Also on Thursday, you can see the behind the scenes video of “Piensas” on Al Rojo Vivo which is also on Telemundo!

Check out a preview of the video below!



  1. Thank you for all your hard work & dedication! Your posts are always very informative & specific. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Time Square premier but I will definitely watch Al Rojo Vivo on Friday! 😎 DALE

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