Pitbull Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Huge congratulations to Pitbull, who received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today!

Mr. 305 became Mr. Hollywood Walk of Fame when was honored with the 2,584th star in Celia Cruz Square in Hollywood, CA today.

The Grammy-winning international superstar, visionary entrepreneur, fashionista, and successful actor, was on hand for the unveiling, wearing his classic white chinos and shades, paired with a blue blazer.

“He is a very, very hard working, dedicated, loyal young man. He is one of the best rappers that I’ve ever known in my life,” praised Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, who was one of the very first people to believe in Pitbull, adding, “I love you, and I respect everything that you’re about, everything that you have done, and everything that you have accomplished.”

“It’s an incredible privilege  to be here to honor a man who I respect so much and who I love so much. He is the real thing, and I think we all know it,” said motivational speaker, and friend and mentor of Pitbull’s, Tony Robbins. “I hope you enjoy this moment brother, I love you so much.”

“The first day me and Armando met, we became friends immediately,” rapper Lil’ Jon revealed, adding, “I applaud you, God bless you and your family. Keep going. You’re not done, we’re not done. We’re going to keep going, and keep succeeding because God gave you this talent and he wants you to use this talent until you can’t use it anymore.”

Pitbull then gave an emotional and heartfelt speech stating, “I want to give a big shoutout to abuela, tia, my mother, mami, papi, Rudy. To a very good fiend of mine, who seen this before we did, and he’s always with us

Pitbull gave an emotional and heartfelt speech where he thanked his family, his parents, his siblings, and his late friend Eduardo Hidalgo.

“To be up here, this just goes to show you what happens when you focus, work hard, when you believe in yourself, when you go against all odds,” stated Pitbull. “I wanna say thank you to the fans, because without y’all there’s no Pitbull, there is no movement.”

During the ceremony, Pitbull also received a part of his idol, Celia Cruz’s, legacy, when he was awarded with a pair of the Queen of Salsa’s shoes.

Watch the complete 40+ minute below:

Also, take a look at photos from the unveiling of Pitbull’s star below!


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