Mr. Worldwide sat down with EUR Web correspondent, Fahnia Thomas, earlier this month to discuss how he feels about New Year’s resolutions, what makes this year’s PitbullNYE different from the last two, what his New Year’s eve ensemble consists of, and more.

EUR: How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions?
Pitbull: I’ve kept all my resolutions since 2009. I’ve put my goals out publicly. 2009 was freedom. 2010 was invasion. 2011 was build an empire. 2012 was build wealth. 2013 was put the puzzle together. 2014 was buckle up. 2015 was to make history, which is when we had the first New Year’s Eve in Miami. 2016 was destruction and disruption. And 2017 is, gingerbread man plan, catch me if you can. Which means you are moving at a pace so ahead of the game…catch me if you can!

EUR: What are you going to do different this year, than last year.
Pitbull: What we wanted to do with the artist involved this year, was bring it back a little bit. You can’t understand the future, if you don’t take it back in time. In that era, we were partying, we were dancing, we are having a good time, it was different. People are so caught up with their phones and social media, they’re not really enjoying the ride…and that’s what we’re going to show them this New Year’s Eve. We have Queen Latifah and Snoop hosting and Naughty by Nature, and Salt’N’ Pepper performing.

EUR: What does your New Years Eve ensemble consist of?
Pitbull: A classic tux. That’s when I become double “o” 305, Armando Bond.

Watch the full interview above!


Pitbull Talks New Year’s Resolutions & Traditions with EUR Web

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