Pitbull Shares Meaning Behind New Single ‘Free Free Free’

In a new interview with iHeartRadio, Mr. Worldwide shared the meaning behind his brand-new single, “Free Free Free’, which released earlier this month.

“What it means to me and what inspired me about this record. For one, Theron from R. City, he had sent it over and I thought it was a great record for a great partnership that I have with NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line,” said Pitbull about how the single came about. The track has been featured in Norwegian Cruise Line commercials and adverts since January of this year.

“More than anything, going into 2018, is my year of independence,” added the Cuban-American rapper, referencing going independent from a major record label earlier this year. “So, what better than to have a song that takes over the summer that’s all about being free, free, free? There’s one thing money can’t buy, it’s freedom. So, with that said, I want everybody to enjoy this record, get loose, get wild, party, get off the chain, have fun, and just feel free, free, free, because there’s nothing like it.”

“Free Free Free” is a dance-worthy summer anthem that features Theron Theron and was produced by R. City. The music video for the track showcases clips and pics from the first and second annual Pitbull Cruises. Watch the official video above and download/stream the single by clicking here.



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