Pitbull Graces the Cover of Turkish Magazine, ‘Pop & Kultur’

Mr. Worldwide is featured on the cover of the July 2018 issue of Turkish magazine, Pop & Kultur!

Inside the magazine, there is a six-page article including a three-page exclusive interview with Pitbull, where he discusses his past and current successes and his upcoming projects!

Check out the full translated interview below!

You first entered the music industry in 2002 with Lil Jon’s album “Kings of Crunk”. Did you ever think at that the time, you’d be remembered for collaborating together with the biggest stars in your era?

Everything is in this order: I would like to thank you and all the fans for this opportunity. Without the fan, there would be no Pitbull, there would be no movement. I didn’t know exactly where this journey would go, but I knew very well what it was like to be a boss and a worker. Everything starts with your creative vision, your belief in yourself, and your investment in yourself. Every little thing begins with the idea of doing everything to live your dreams and vision.

How did Lil Jon affect your career?

What can I say about Lil Jon? He gave it all to me, gave me the opportunity. In South Miami I met Lil Jon while selling a mixtape. He got me in the studio with Lil Jon, and I was able to release thoughts… he taught me a lot. Track 18 has always been very special to me. I’m still on Track 18! Another important supporter in my career is Luke Campbell, Luther Campbell, Uncle Luke for me. He comes from a very interesting background. He’s a warrior. He’s not only fought in the music sector, he is also fought the US government. I’m talking about a man who won a lawsuit against the US government. Thanks to him, we can write our songs with the words we want and make our records the way we want to. Uncle Luke is literally king of Miami! I also thought that I could bring myself somewhere near Miami’s king. He’s a good teacher too.

Planet Pit is the biggest album in your entire career. We hear a lot of freestyle, hip-hop and dance music on the album. What does this album mean to you?

“Planet Pit”, like all my music, reflects life, stakes, and entertainment. Every piece we publish is creating a sense of wonder for me. We are always prepared and waiting for the next songs/albums.

With “Timber”, which you released withKesha in 2013, was very successful. The song rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has won success on the charts all over the world, reaching the top spot in 19 countries and earning millions of sales. How do you feel about the great success of the single? How did it affect you?

Success? That was good, mate! (laughs) I guess I’m getting more calm. There is a lot of confusion about the word “success” as far as I understand. Success is a team effort. And so is freedom. I built a school in my old neighborhood, I think that is successful. Your journey is successful, not money. Everyone can live their dreams. It’s very simple! Just wake up and live them.

You really add your own flavor to your songs. We know you from your voice and from your personal slogans like “Mr Worldwide” right away. It’s impossible for us not to see that the music style makes a difference. What is the reflection on the music industry being different for you?

It is very important that you know where you come from in order to know where you’re going. It is very important for you to know what you’re standing up for. I can say that for any business. It’s important. Everything seemed difficult for me because at the beginning they had put me in certain category. I’m very thankful for that now. They taught me to think outside the mold, and to create new opportunities, and pave my own way, I learned to create.

The 2014 World Cup was seen all over the world. You and Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte were chosen to sing the official theme song of the “FIFA World Cup” with “We Are One (Ole Ola)”. How did it feel for you to combine it with your music? How do you want this part of your career to be defined?

It’s my purpose of every concert to bring together and to entertain people from different areas of life. In 2014, we did the FIFA World Cup and in 2018 I did “Goalie Goalie” with Arash and Nyusha.

Let’s talk about some of your latest projects. You published two albums in 2017. “Climate Change” and “Greatest Hits”, which you released as a compilation album. Why did you want to release a compilation album?

Think of it as the “best playlist”. I would not be here without the fans, I’m very grateful to the fans and wanted to give them a gift.

How do you see changes in your life, both musically and personally?

Everything and nothing has changed. I still wake up everyday and fight. I understand how difficult it is in the music industry and I still feel like I’m blessed for being in the game. There is no loosing, only learning, there is no problems, only solutions. Every obstacle, emerges is a new path. As soon as a song is about to release, it can be a bitch for us, a feeling of emotion or sometimes therapy. I want you to go out and have fun, to forget the problems, and to love what you do the every time you wake up.

In the album “Climate Change” you collaborate with great artists like Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Jason Derulo. The album rose to number 29 on the Billboard 200 and again caught a good amount of success. How do you think this album is different from your other albums?

I feel lucky to experience the different cultures around the world. Because I am constantly hearing different music around me. Sometimes I hear music somewhere, and that sound doesn’t reach America for another year or two. So we jump on it and pave a new path for that sound. “Climate Change” came to change the climate of the music scene. And it’s been a huge honor for me to work with so many great names, as you’ve said. In addition to those names, I also got to work with Stephen Marley, which was a tremendous honor.

The last song “Move To Miami” was the 12th collaboration you’ve made with Enrique Iglesias. How do you like working with him? Can we expect new collaborations?

Enrique’s ear is magnificent. Me and Enrique are a little different, though. I’m a little shorter and more relaxed and Enrique is long tall and toned. Enrique is not just a good friend in the music industry, but Enrique is one of my best friends, period. He’s a solid person. I’ve learned a lot from him and he has given us great opportunities.

The song is a hot club song, welcoming Summer! The song also has a new sound. How would you describe the song?

Let’s imagine that Miami is the sort of place that is always feeling hot and sexy. Oh, wait! You do not have to imagine this. We can live it! Short, “come and go” concept.

So what’s in the Pitbull on the order? New songs, projects, tours?

All of the above! I always stay on my feet.

Take a look scans from the magazine below!



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