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New Song: “Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin & Mohombi.


Pitbull’s beautiful dancers, The Most Bad Ones, have been posting clues on each of their personal Instagrams everyday this week, about a big announcement! Although, they still have two more clues to give away, Univision has already announced the full announcement!

It’s a song called, “Baddest Girl In Town” by Pitbull ft. Wisin and Mohombi! The song will be the next single off of Pitbull’s new Spanish-language album, “DALE” (In stores and online June 15)! You’ll be able to hear “Baddest Girl In Town” (#BGIT) on your local Uforia Musica radio channel this Monday!

Here are some lyrics from “Baddest Girl In Town”:

“Estás mujeres dicen ‘Sí, Sí’; si tienes el ‘Bling’ “Bling’ y el dinero ‘Ching’ ‘Ching’. Mr Worldwide, Mohombi y Wisin. Esto se lo dedicamos a todas esas chicas malas en el mundo que hemos visto.”

“No hay nadie que de mueva como ella, la gente me dice que hasta un ciego puede verla. I heard this girl is like OMG! Mira, mira esta chica hasta quema.”

Don’t know what channel your local Uforia Musica radio is? See the list below!

Chicago – Latino Mix 93.5 & 103.1

New York – X96.3FM

Miami – Mix 98.3

Houston – Latino Mix 104.9

Dallas – Latino Mix 99.1

Fresno – Latino Mix 107.9

Phoenix – Latino Mix 100.3

Las Vegas – Latino Mix 99.3

Puerto Rico – KQ105 First


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